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Our Guardian Angel Darren Rambonga

Darren Michael Rambonga 4/14/1983 - 6/12/2001
Darren Rambonga - Killed by a Drunk Driver 6/12/2001

Darren Michael Rambonga, a gift to us on April 14, 1983 was a light in a dark cave while allowed to remain with us.  Always a smile for anyone that he met and hug as well.
Darren was so full of energy that it seemed at times to drain the rest of us because there is no way that it could all have been his own.  He had a bright and plotted future ahead of him having graduated from highschool June 5, 2001 and scheduled to leave for Marine Corps Boot Camp June 25, 2001, but due to the actions of a DRUNK DRIVER on June 12, 2001, Darren was killed while returning home from a night of enjoyment and celebration with his friends.  NO ONE WAS DRINKING.
Darren was riding in the back seat of a Geo Metro (2door/hatch) which shows his determination because he was 6'5'' with size 13 1/2 combat style boots on.  He always wore his seat belt and had it on this night as well.  While returning home the two persons in the front seat were playing with the radio causing the car to veer to the left and with an over correction the vehicle rolled half way onto the roof and slid to the right side of the road, leaving more than 2 full lanes for any other vehicles to pass by if necessary. Unfortunately for us the only person on the road was a DRUNK DRIVER who happened also to be a paramedic that had consumed at least 20 beers in a bar between 7pm and 1230am.  He did not attempt to swerve and miss the vehicle despite having slowed his vehicle from freeway speeds to less than 20 miles per hour before striking the car where Darren was upside down working to get his seat belt off in an attempt to exit the vehicle.  Given the small size of the vehicle Darren was struck directly by the DRUNK DRIVER and pronounced dead at the scene.  His hopes to protect the rights of people like his murdered were shattered in an instant.

Graduation Day

The three of us before Dad

Grad Nite