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Our Guardian Angel Darren Rambonga


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About Me

Darren had a long list of accomplishments for you short 18 years of age, but had a full agenda of what he was going to finish in his life. I want to share a few with you.

Darren was a young man who was focused while being very human. As with each of us he made mistakes, but never deliberately hurt another individual and was very careful to abide by the laws.
During his senior year Darren accomplished his goal of completing 100+ credits to offset those he lost  by not going to all of his classes.  He participated in "Moch Trial", Teen Jury, Peer Education and Peer Counseling to help other students that had not reached his level of OKAY.

Darren and his brother Dale were the children of a single Mom between August 1983 and the time that we started our family with "Dad" on May 28,1989.  In January 1990, the twins Manuel and Paula were born 10 weeks prematurely, but were so welcomed into the family by both Darren and Dale. May 1992 the last member of our family entered when Paula was born, giving everyone a run for their money. Darren had the normal conflicts that all teens have with their parents, but that did not stunt his growth and reached 6'51/2". He chose to be a Marine and worked to do so loosing 50 lbs between January 2001 and May 2001 without any drug assistance. On May 30, 2001 Darren became a MARINE with a ship date scheduled for June 25, 2001.  On June 6, 2001 Darren spoke at his graduation from highschool with all the joy and pride that provides the family. While completing this he also volunteered for more than 100 hours at the Veteran Affairs Hospital showing respect and compassion to each of the many veterans and employees. June 11, 2001 Darren went with friends to enjoy an evening out with music and dancing without alcohol, but was murdered by a DRUNK DRIVER before he reached home.
Darren was a loved young adult with more than 600 people viewing the casket and attending the service.  Calls continued to come in for the entire summer as friends and aquaintances who had been on vacation found out what had happened.


Beginning a Family

Our family began with "Dad"

What a wonderful picture of "Dad" and his boys on the day of the wedding 5/28/1989 when we began our family


Favorite Place for Darren was Morro Bay and Pismo Beach in California. His ashes were scattered there June 25, 2001 with family and loved ones around him with many tears and much love

  Favorite Music:
Music taste was wide including:
Slip Knot, Creed and other bands that I don't know the names 
Enya - Favorite Song - Only Time
Third Day, Newz Boyz, and old gospel - 
Favorite Song (sung at funeral) Victory in Jesus